Terms & conditions

We have decided, that until the dispute between the LAIA and ourselves is sorted out, to give all and sundry permission to fish in Loch Awe without any form of payment. 

However, due to the complexities of complying with regulations regarding catch returns fishing for sea trout and salmon will cease for the immediate future.

This offer is for a limited period but prior to withdrawing it we undertake to give at least one months notice.

People who do not intend to catch sea trout or salmon do not need to ask for a permit.  I hope you enjoy fishing Loch Awe, this free fishing will not last forever.

In the event that you are challenged by a water bailiff tell him you have our permission to fish and if he doesn’t like it to “go *%#$ himself”.  If he asks you for your name tell him you want his first and sight of his warrant, and make a note of it and the date and time.  You can then send the details to us if you wish.

Queries may be addressed to: info@fish-the-awe.com